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Mercedes-Benz is a leading global automotive brand with a history of 130 years. Since we started our Vietnam business in 1995, our company has strengthened the leading position in the premium market with an impressive product portfolio and excellent service. Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV) has continuously occupied a market share of above 50% in the luxury segment. It has fulfilled the car dreams of nearly 25,000 Passenger Car customers and become a major part of Vietnam’s auto-DNA. The company offers the widest and youngest range in the Vietnam’s luxury segment, not only suitable to both the strong, traditional but also young customers.

In 2016 - the “Year of SUVs”, the SUV line-up of MBV experienced a surge of 300%, increasing from 15% to a 35% in total volume. This strong growth allowed MBV to reach 4.401 PC vehicles sold – a record for 21 years in Vietnam, 22% higher compared to 2015. The company set up 2 new production lines for the GLC and the new E-Class. This production expansion helped MBV create more than 1.000 jobs in Vietnam (excluding its authorized dealer network).

A further step was made by bringing FUSO, Daimler’s commercial vehicle brand, to Vietnam. The truck-bus is becoming a second company pillar in supporting the transportation and construction needs of business nationwide. 2016 marked FUSO’s 100% sales growth, expanded to 16 types in various segments. Noticeable, by launching the new light-duty bus ROSA in May, FUSO is now also present in this growing segment.

In December 2016, MBV was honoured as one of the largest tax payers by the Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee.

Business category: Automotive
Employees in Vietnam: Approx. 1100

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Managing Director - Mercedes-Benz Cars
Mr. Duk-Jun Choi
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Head of Human Resources
Mr. Rainer Wurmbach
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Ms. Hoang Tuyet Mai
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